About Hit-Air

The Hit-Air airbag system has been used successfully worldwide since 1985. Hit-Air airbag vests are manufactured by Mugen Denko Co., Ltd in Japan. They have been marketing the Hit-Air airbag system since 1985 and have a thoroughly tested and proven safety status. Hit-Air is the market leader with its vests sold in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

The airbag vest is a fashionable vest that can best be described as a body warmer with an integrated airbag system (and – depending on the model – a back protector). In the event of a fall, when the rider gets out of the saddle, the coiled cord (which connects the rider to the saddle by means of the saddle strap) automatically activates the airbag system. Feel safe and enjoy your ride without feeling constricted by tight body protectors! The airbag vest is pleasant to wear and the big advantage, compared to a standard body protector, is that you don’t sit like a knight on your horse because of the stiffness of the protector. The system fits around your torso like a glove and is suitable to wear when practicing all disciplines within equestrian sport.

The Belgian Karin Donckers also opts for a Hit-Air airbag vest!

The Hit-Air airbag system has been used since 1985
used successfully worldwide

Airbag vest and operation

The airbag vest consists of a body warmer filled with inflatable air cushions, a back protector, a CO2 gas cartridge (non-toxic, non-flammable) and a lanyard.

The airbag vest is worn over the clothing.

While wearing the vest you do not notice that you are wearing it until the moment you fall. In the event of a fall, the coiled cord is pulled from your airbag vest and the CO2 cartridge is activated, causing the vest to inflate in less than half a second.

When the vest fills up, you immediately get the feeling of a large solid balloon that closes around you. Moreover, at that moment your neck is also enclosed by the neck roll. This comes to the bottom of your riding helmet and ears. Your torso, with all vulnerable and vital parts, is then fully protected from your neck to your tailbone and pelvis. So you are, as it were, completely “packed”.

This all happens within the time you fall and lie on the ground with a soft landing!

You attach the spiral cord to the saddle strap on your saddle. In the event of a fall, when the rider gets out of the saddle, the coiled cord (which connects the rider to the saddle through the saddlestrap) automatically activates the airbag system.

An easy, reliable and robust system ideal for equestrian riders or motorcyclists who are looking for an easy to use system and optimal protection.

Facts and FAQs

Can the vest be reused?

Yes, just let the air out of the airbag, put the airbag back in the vest and replace the CO2 cartridge.

Do I have to activate the airbag?

No, after taking off, attach the coiled cord to the supplied saddle strap and then the airbag will activate itself during the fall.

Is the CO2 cartridge refillable?

No, a cartridge can be used once and must be replaced after activation.

How much does an airbag vest weigh?

Depending on the model, between 810 grams and 1.6 kg.

Am I visible in the dark?

Yes, the airbag vest has reflective materials on the front and back of the vest.


The airbag vest is currently not yet BETA approved. If you want to drive a competition where the EN13158/BETA is mandatory, you must wear the airbag vest as an extra protection in addition to a BETA approved body protector.

Avoid carrying sharp or pointed objects such as pins, pens, keys or hoof picks in the airbag vest as well as in clothing that you wear under the airbag vest. The resulting damage to the air cushions before or at the time of activation may prevent efficient operation of the air cushion.

The airbag vest should fit well, not be too small, be worn closed and always worn last over clothing.

The function of the airbag should be tested once a year by activating it.

The CO2 cartridge to be replaced must be identical to the original supplied with the vest, both in size and volume. Ensure that the cartridge neck is intact and not oxidized. Make sure that the CO2 cartridge is screwed straight and firmly into the cartridge holder. If the CO2 cartridge is not properly tightened or not, the activation time and operation of the airbag will be negatively influenced. If the airbag is not activated for a longer period of time, check regularly whether the CO2 cartridge is still securely tightened and is not oxidized in the cartridge holder.

The airbag vest should be cleaned regularly and stored on a clothes hanger in a dry area after use.