Airbag vests and accessories,
specially developed for equestrian sports

Being well protected means minimizing the risks of riding as much as possible in order to enjoy your horse, hobby and sport with passion.
The Hit-Air airbag vest for riding provides extra protection during accidents to the neck and the front and back of the body through a shock buffer airbag system. The Hit-Air airbag vest improves your safety.
The mounted police in several countries are enthusiastic users of the Hit-Air airbag system because of its safety and reliability.

Patented full protection!
The Hit-Air airbag vest contributes to your protection in the event of a fall from your horse, from your neck to your tailbone.

CO2 cartridge
In the event of a fall from your horse, the system activates and ensures that the CO2 gas is released from the cartridge and the airbags are immediately filled.

Mechanical airbag vest
User friendly, proven, discreet and ergonomic. The Hit-Air airbag vest provides a protection volume up to 23 litres.

Click system
With a simple click, the airbag vest and the lanyard can be connected to each other and a connection is created between the rider and the saddle.

In the event of a fall, the lanyard pulls the keyball out of the keybox, puncturing the CO2 cartridge and releasing the CO2 gas. Regardless of the airbag contents, activation occurs in less than 200 ms and the filled airbags ensure that the impact of a fall is reduced.

activation in less than