Karin Donckers

The Belgian Karin Donckers, born on May 28, 1971, is the only trainer in Flanders to obtain Trainer A diplomas in all 3 disciplines of equestrian sport (dressage, jumping, eventing). But this passionate sportswoman with an admirable perseverance is best known to most horse lovers worldwide for her many eventing successes at national and international level, her great performances at several Olympic Games and Karin’s prominent place in the World Rankings. In 2005 she was the best woman in the world cup ranking! Karin’s list of successes is too long to mention, a small selection includes a second place at the World Cup Eventing, a ninth place at the Olympic Games in Hong Kong (2008) and in 2009 Belgian champion eventing.

In the years that follow Karin can also record an impressive palmares and we hope that many more top performances can follow. It will certainly not be due to her commitment, drive and talent!

During the very last steeple that has ever been ridden, Karin fell and broke her spine. So she knows how important it is to provide optimal protection. Karin Donckers always wears the Hit-Air airbag vest during her Eventing competitions.

Whether you enjoy equestrian sport recreationally or compete for the World Cup as a professional, always think about your safety and opt for the extra security of a Hit-Air airbag vest!

Would you like to follow the performance of Karin Donckers? Then visit her website: www.karindonckers.com